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No matter your business waste disposal needs, we can help you find an efficient and cost-effective business waste management solution. We are experienced in advising and supporting businesses of all sizes with their commercial waste requirements.

We have relationships with an extensive network of suppliers across the UK, including recycling centres, allowing us to offer industry-leading services at the most competitive prices, and our team of dedicated Account Managers will find the best options to suit your business.

We are fully compliant and believe in great customer service, so you can leave the waste management to us and focus on the non-disposable needs of your business.

Nationwide providers

As one of the UK’s leading independent consultancies we are proud to be able to offer our waste management services to businesses across the nation.

So, whether you operate from a single site or have multiple ones around the country, we can offer you a full service that takes care of all your business waste management needs.

Why is waste management important?

No matter the size or function of a business, producing waste is inevitable. Whether it’s an outcome of your business processes, surplus materials, food waste or from other human activity, it all needs to be disposed of and managed effectively.

For businesses in particular, the disposal of each category of waste involves different regulations and legalities, making the management process a headache for many business owners. Therefore, outsourcing your business waste management needs certainly has its benefits.

How our business waste management services work

  1. We consult and advise businesses on the most suitable waste collection services for their unique needs.
  2. After you request a quote, our team will create a bespoke package for you.
  3. We take care of all pricing.
  4. Our Duty of Care Certificates and Waste Transfer Notes ensure businesses stay legally compliant when it comes to waste.
  5. Our waste customer service team will optimise your business’ waste hierarchy in reducing, recycling and recovering waste, with the goal of maximising diversion from landfills.
  6. We arrange collection schedules that suit you.
  7. Your business benefits from having a streamlined waste service: one telephone number for all queries and one invoice for all services.

Throw away those waste woes! Gain access to our suite of waste management services

General commercial waste
General commercial waste
Dry mixed recycling
Dry mixed recycling
Clinical waste
Clinical waste
Food waste
Food waste
Single stream recycling
Single stream recycling
Washroom waste management
Washroom waste management
Confidential data destruction
Confidential data destruction

Key Benifits


Containers to suit your needs


National providers



One-stop-shop for waste management



Flexibility with suppliers to tailor service to customers’ needs



Dedicated waste customer services team


Low Admin

Easy and flexible payment methods


Commercial Waste Services for a Variety of Industries

Property Management

Property management

Golf Clubs
Golf clubs
Care homes
Care homest

Confidential data destruction

Our secure confidential data destruction process ensures that all materials and data are strictly contained and controlled. After being destroyed, paper is baled for recycling and sent to a paper mill to be made into recycled paper and other products.

For our confidential data destruction services, we offer:

  • Office consoles
  • Security sacks
  • Secure bins
  • Enclosed containers

We dispose of:

  • Paper records
  • Digital media
  • Uniforms
  • ID badges
  • Any branded goods
On-site shredding
You can rest assured that your confidential material will be collected by security-checked and uniformed staff in one of our mobile shredding vehicles.

 It will be shredded there and then, guaranteeing your confidential information is destroyed correctly. A Certificate of Destruction is then issued to you on-site.

Off-site shredding
Our off-site service is designed to offer you a simple and reliable solution tailored to meet the needs of your business.

 We take your confidential data in tracked vehicles to the local depot to be shredded in a fully secure environment.

We guarantee that your company’s confidential information will be handled securely every step of the way.

Clinical waste

Our waste experts have extensive experience of handling hazardous, clinical and offensive waste, so we will always ensure your environmental Duty of Care obligations are fulfilled. Our clinical waste removal comes in many forms. How each type of waste is handled is clearly defined by and complies with all relevant regulations.

When you choose our clinical waste service, we provide you with suitable containers for your waste, including a ‘sharps’ bin, and collect and dispose of it for you on either a call-in basis or a pre-agreed schedule of service.


Clinical waste includes anything that has been contaminated with a medicine that contains a biologically active pharmaceutical element, contains microorganisms or toxins that can cause disease, is sharp (such as needles) or anything that has come into contact with bodily fluids.

This waste form is typically produced by healthcare providers, although other services may find themselves requiring dedicated clinical waste disposal resources.

The legalities and regulations surrounding clinical waste are in place to protect anyone working at or visiting the business premises, so it is vital that it is managed and disposed of correctly.


We offer clinical waste services for:

  • Hospitals
  • Funeral homes
  • Prisons, Jails and detention centres
  • Dental practices
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Tattoo and piercing parlours
  • Care homes

Hazardous clinical waste

Clinical waste that is classed as hazardous includes anything that contains an infectious element or has come into contact with something that does. This type of waste poses a danger to those in the workplace.

Non-hazardous clinical waste

Clinical waste that does not pose an infection danger, and that does not include other materials that might make the waste hazardous, such as cytotoxics, is less of an immediate threat but must still be disposed of correctly and effectively, compliant with all and any regulations.

Offensive waste

Offensive waste is non-hazardous but still requires special labelling, storage, and disposal. It is non-infectious waste that has no pharmaceutical or chemical contamination but may still be unpleasant or cause offence to those coming into contact with it. It can include things, such as outer-dressings, masks and other protective gear that needs to be disposed of.


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