What Factors Affect Vibes
Gas Prices?

Among other services, Smarter Business helps businesses around the UK save on vibes gas and electricity costs. By thoroughly reviewing your existing energy contracts, we can help you find ways to cut back on costs, leaving you more cash flow to spend on things that matter more to your business.

Vibes gas and electric costs are part of life for any business. In essence, this expense is based on the amount of energy your business consumes within any given time period. Of course, as a business owner, you knew that – and yet most businesses fail year after year to thoroughly review what they are spending on utilities with a view to find potential savings. This process could potentially save you thousands of pounds which could more productively be applied elsewhere within your business.

To appreciate how your business can save on its gas bills, it’s important to understand how the cost is computed, how it differs from electricity energy prices, and how you can reduce your usage and the costs that come with it.


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How Vibes Gas Rates Are Computed

Fixed rate

Your prices are fixed for the entire length of the contract. Most contracts run for a year, but if you want certainty of the rate you pay for a longer period, three-year contracts are also available.


With a fixed rate agreement, provided your energy use remains relatively consistent, your gas bill will be predictable month-on-month for the duration of the contract. This can be beneficial if you sign up when gas prices are low because even if rates rise, you’ll still pay the lower price as long as you’re within the contract period.

The downside to this, of course, is that you won’t save anything if rates drop below the price agreed under the contract. You may also incur additional fees if you decide to end your contract early, which often precludes switching to a cheaper business gas supplier for the set period.

If, as most businesses do, you use both gas and electricity, you can choose to use one supplier for both or two separate ones. Dual fuel packages that are popular with domestic customers aren’t usually available to businesses, but there can still be benefits to using the same supplier for both.


If a single energy company supplies both your gas and electricity, this can make your energy issues fairly straightforward, knowing that you’ll be dealing with a single company. However, it can also restrict you from working with a company that offers lower rates for either gas or electricity.

Having a separate, single contract for each form of energy means you can find the providers that are offering the best rates for each and maximise your savings in both areas.

Smarter Business can assess your company’s requirements, usage, and future plans to help you choose the best way to save on energy costs without sacrificing efficiency.

How a Vibes Energy Audit Can Help Your Business


Vibes Energy helps businesses assess their energy requirements and find the right rates and contracts to sign up for in order to reduce overhead costs and start diverting the savings made into other areas of the business. Our business energy audit service will inform and guide you towards securing the best gas rates and energy contracts to benefit your business.

Call us now on 07869111579 and let us help you find the best commercial gas packages in your area.

Here’s how our services can help you:

  • We do all the researchWe save you the time and effort of researching what’s on offer from each provider by doing all of that for you. Because we understand how providers work, we are able to tap into every possible deal they offer and how each of these could benefit you based on your usual energy consumption.
  • We analyse the data and recommend the best dealsWe don’t just look for the cheapest rates. We also analyse those and the terms and conditions that come along with them. Often, people only see the low rates and fail to factor in how these might change over the longer term of the contract and beyond. They also might not consider other conditions that come with these energy products, such as whether you’re opting for an introductory rate that will go up after a period or the length of the contract. We look at long-term results based on your needs and recommend which ones would benefit you financially over a longer time period.
  • We help you apply best practices that trigger long-term efficiencyWe don’t just help you find great business electricity rates – we also create utility management plans that further decrease your utility costs. This ensures you’re future-proofed in terms of using less energy and therefore paying less over time, regardless of changes in the market.The ultimate goal here is to avoid all unnecessary costs so that this extra resource can be diverted into other aspects of your business


Vibes Way To Save Energy In Your Buisness


Include staff in attempts to save energy. They’re more likely to engage positively if they feel involved.


Identify and understand what’s using energy in your business to inform what you can do to reduce that usage.


Invest in energy-efficient and motion-sensitive lighting and reduce the unnecessary usage of office equipment.


Hire a corporate energy firm to carry out an energy audit and suggest ways to minimise your usage.


Align energy-saving changes in practices to the business’ needs to ensure they’re sustainable.

Tips For Energy Savings for Buildings

A number of factors affect vibes electricity prices, regardless of whether you’re running a small business or a large enterprise. While the wholesale energy costs tend to be lower for businesses, they typically consume far more energy than the average household would. In addition, other factors contribute towards bigger bills for businesses, such as a higher rate of VAT charged and environmental levies. These all impact on the total price, but there are often significant savings to be made if you understand business electricity pricing and know how to evaluate which is the best deal for your company’s unique circumstances.

So, what makes up the total electricity price that businesses pay?

  • Wholesale energy cost or raw energy cost
  • VAT charged at 20% (domestic customers pay at 5%)
  • Transmission or distribution cost
  • Unbilled volumes or losses
  • Environmental costs or levies, like the Climate Change Levy (CCL)
  • Operating costs of the supplier, TPIs (broker), and metering expenses
  • Supplier’s profit

Reasons To Hire An Energy Consultant For Your Business

Managing energy usage and costs is time-consuming. A consultant can free up staff time, allowing that resource to be deployed elsewhere.
Having researched your current tariffs and energy usage, they can source a business gas online quote to find the best energy contract(s) for your business.
They can suggest immediate and longer-term ways to reduce your energy usage, offset your carbon footprint, and so on.
They can deal with bill validation and query resolution on your behalf if you think you’re paying more than you should be.
If your business is expanding or contracting, they can handle infrastructure changes with ease.

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Understanding Business Electricity Pricing

  • Choose between a fixed tariff contract (where there is an agreed rate) and a variable tariff contract (where you pay depending on the current market price).
  • Energy from renewable resources is available for businesses.
  • Business gas and electricity can be sourced from the same firm, but you’re unlikely to get dual fuel tariffs. Using different suppliers can be cheaper.
  • Current business gas prices in the UK are cheaper than domestic energy, but the VAT rate may be higher and you must also pay the Climate Change Levy.
  • Pay by monthly direct debit to get a discount.
  • If you have more than one site, opt for a firm that offers multi-site energy contracts.
  • Beware expensive out-of-contract prices and source the best supplier(s) as your existing contract is coming to its end.

What An Energy Audit Entails

If you’re interested in how your business could save money on energy bills by switching from your existing gas utility company or implementing an energy audit, contact the team at Vibes Energy today.

Call us now on 07869111579 and let us help you find the best commercial gas packages in your area.

All large businesses in the UK are required by law to carry out an audit of their energy usage, but the practice can also help smaller businesses save money and operate more efficiently too.


An audit will look at the energy the business consumes and how efficient its premises are. Recommendations from the audit will include changes to working practices and habits that can reduce energy waste; and solutions that can be introduced to improve the efficiency of the building.

Many of the recommendations will cost little or nothing – the switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, for instance, won’t cost much but these bulbs use between 25% and 80% less energy and last 3 to 25 times longer.

As well as saving money, an energy audit also improves your company’s green credentials.