About Us

Who is Vibes Energy?

Vibes Energy is one of the UK’s leading independent consultancies, helping businesses secure the most comprehensive savings solutions from utilities contract management and procurement to merchant services, waste management, business loans and facilities maintenance.

Our Mission.

To help all businesses achieve cost savings, maximise efficiencies, and pursue their goals through our comprehensive suite of services.


Our company culture allows us to provide a range of commitments to our stakeholders and partners:

To provide leading advice to UK businesses in a clear, professional, accurate and concise way; to provide a range of products and services that meet the demands of the present as well as the future; to be respected by all our suppliers and partners; to provide a high standard of service to guarantee customer retention; to be a fun and rewarding place to work; to provide equal opportunities and development for all staff; to be open and honest with our customers and colleagues.


Here at Energy Vibes, we are seeking people who are full of positive energy, driven to change the industry and people who want to share our belief.

Our people will demonstrate through a rigorous recruitment process that their attitude is a right fit for us – experience comes second. Within our environment, our teams will be given purpose with the autonomy of bringing that purpose to life. Our commitment to our people is to train them and reward their good work which will allow them to grow; personally and professionally grow.